KT Series

Cable glands for hazardous area application

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A new cable glands family, which includes the KTN model for unarmoured cables and KTA model for armoured cables. These cable glands are equipped with only one internal silicone seal and an external one for the KTA series and an external seal for the KTN series. This solution makes it possible to use a wide range of cable diameters, simplifying its use and avoiding the need for additional seals for the same size cable gland. The internal system of the armour locking cones of the KTA model allows this cable gland to be used with armoured cable of any kind without having to change or reverse the direction of the assemblage of the cone.The armour clamping ring is anchored to the intermediate body of the cable gland, with the possibility of rotating, thus preventing it from accidentally being lost. The KTA series is equipped with an internal silicone seal which supports the “cold-flow” behaviour of certain cables, as required by the EN/IEC 60079-14 standard. The KTN and KTA cable glands are totally “deluge-proof” due to the combination of the silicone seal system and O-Ring.


01 Design

The external rubber pad has a combined construction in silicone and acetal resin with a specific design and high-performance materials to guarantee a constant fastening to the external diameter of the cable and an IP66 long-lasting protection.

01 design features kt series
02 no loose parts features kt series

02 No loose parts

The rubber pad is mounted internally to the cable press backnut and has no chance of getting out freely, avoiding accidental loss. Also to avoid the risk of loss, the reinforcement ring is fixed to the intermediate.

03 Hand pre-set

Possibility to carry out a pre-assembly using bare hands thanks to the innovative construction of the external rubber pad. The final tightening of the cable must be made to the torque indicated in the operating and maintenance manual.

03 hand pre-set features kt series
04 simplicity features kt series

04 Simplicity

Reduced number of components, which reduces the possibility of loosing parts or incorrect assembly.

05 Cold flow

The internal, silicone diaphragm rubber pad with a high coefficient of expansion for the protection of cables under armour, particularly suitable for cables which show signs of the “cold flow” phenomena. To avoid loosing pieces, the diaphragm rubber pad is together with the cone locking the armour and the gland body, but is easy to separate upon assembly.

05 cold flow features kt series
06 or safety features kt series

06 OR safety

Internal silicone O-ring which prevents water or moisture from getting in via the threaded connection between the body and the intermediate and the resulting corrosion of the armour/cable shield.

07 Innovation

Universal and innovative fastening system of the armour/shield of the cable that provides the connection for electrical continuity. The system is suitable for any type of armour/shield and avoids the use of reversible cones which eliminates the possibility of assembly errors. It has the ability to rotate in the screwing phase of the intermediate to the gland body, avoiding twists in the armour/shielding twists.
Possibility of armour inspectionability.

07 innovation features kt series


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