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Flameproof Ex d • increased safety Ex e • for indoor & outdoor applications

for armoured cables • Inner and outer Sealing

Cable glands RAC type 
(code: RAC)

The sealing ring blocks the cable on the diameter under armour. The cone rings grips and grounds the cable armour.
The addition of female thread on the backnut allows the cable gland to be coupled to a conduit fitting. Cable glands EMC tested by triaxial method, according to IEC 62153-4-3, IEC 62153-4-4 standards. Metric cable glands are made according to EN 62444 standard. Maintenance and installation operations and product selection must be done in accordance with IEC EN 60079-14 and 17 standards.

Application fields

Surface - Group II • Mines - Group I

Approvals / Certifications

IEC Ex: IEC Ex INE 10.0010X
EAC: RU C-IT.A 45.B.00081

Protection type

Exd IIC • Ex e II (gas) • Ex tb IIIC (dusts) • Ex d I • Ex e I (mines)

EPL (Equipment protection level)

Zone 1-2: Mb mines • Gb, Gc gas
Zone 21-22: Db Dc combustible dusts


Ex d IIC • Ex e II • Ex tb IIIC • Ex d I • Ex e I Db
according to
ATEX: EN 60079-0:2009 •  EN 60079-1:2007 • EN 60079-7:2007 • EN 60079-31:2009 • EN 60529:1991
IEC Ex: IEC 60079-0:2011 • IEC 60079-1:2007 • IEC 60079-7:2006 • IEC 60079-31:2008 • IEC 60529:2001

Ambient temperatures in services: sealing washers materials

EPDM seals -40°C ÷ + 100°C (code: EP)
Silicone seals -65°C ÷ + 220°C (code: SI)

Cable type

Armoured: Single armoured cable SWA, Alluminium wire armoured cable AWA,Alluminium strip armoured ASA. Single wire braided cable SWB, Steel tape armored cable STA, Pliable wire armoured cable PWA. Screened flexible wire braided cable CY-SY
Reduced cone available for SWA armoured cables.

Available materials

Brass (code: OT) • Nickel-plated brass (code: ON)
AISI316L Stainless steel (code: S6) • Aluminium (code: AL)
AVP Steel (code: AVP)

Available threads

ISO 262 Metrical • ISO 228 • DIN 40430 Pg
ANSI B1.20.1 NPT • EN 10226 Gk (only for ATEX)

Degree of protection

The cable glands degree of protection is IP66 or IP66/68, 30-meters depth for 7 days according to the IEC EN 60529 standard; the degree of protection IP 68 is obtained by using flat sealing rings on cable glands with cylindrical threads. Without gaskets, the degree of protection is IP 66. If the cable glands with cylindrical or tapered threads are screwed on the threaded hole of an apparatus, in order to guarantee an IP66 or IP66/68 degree of protection, threaded parts must be sealed with Loctite or similar. In order to maintain the IPX8 degree of protection,  the cable entry shall be fitted on enclosure witch satisfies an immersion test under 30 meters of water during 7 days. Metric cable glands are made in accordance to 
EN 62444 Standard.

Kit version (code: KIT)

0 kit version Includes cable glands and
the requested complete series of
the rubber seals accompanying the size

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